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Brake Pads The brake pads convert the kinetic energy of the car into heat by friction. The brake calipers contain two brake pads whose friction surfaces face the rotor. When the brake is hydraulically applied, the caliper clamps or squeezes the two gaskets into the rotary rotor to slow down / stop the vehicle. When the brakes are heated by contact with the rotor, it transfers a small amount of friction material onto the disc to make it gray. Brake pads and discs then "stick" to each other to provide friction to prevent the vehicle.
Ceramics Brake Pads The brake shoe carries the brake lining, which is riveted or glued to the shoe. When the brake is applied, the shoe moves and presses the pad against the inside of the drum. The friction between the lining and the rollers provides the braking force. Energy dissipates as heat.
Chongqing Hongyu Friction
Chongqing Hongyu Friction
Chongqing Hongyu Friction Products Co., Ltd. is the largest friction material R&D and manufacturing base in the west of China. Hongyu is  "High and new tech enterprise", "key cultivated enterprise by national innovation fund", "national torch plan enterprise" and "Chongqing innovation pilot enterprise".

Hongyu has the top-ranking R&D equipment and leading R&D capability in China is the priority selection of OE customers. Hongyu has developed a series of friction materials, such as semi-metal-based, less-metal-based, NAO materials, ceramics-based and no copper friction materials, which are widely used for different types of passengers cars, commercial vehicles, special vehicles, wind power and industry brake fields etc.

Hongyu is the OEM leading enterprise in friction material production in China. With market share ranked forefront in OE market, Hongyu provides for most of domestic OEMs including Chang'an Ford Mazda, Chang'an Suzuki, Chang'an, Chery, SAIC, FAW, Dongfeng, Great Wall, Chongqing Isuzu, JMC, Foton, Huatai, Hafei, Changhe, Changfeng, Lifan etc. Hongyu is also the OEM products supplier for world 500 strong enterprises such as US Honeywell, TRW etc.

Hongyu already passed (DNV) TS16949, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 quality system certification.

At present, Hongyu is working hard to become the word's first-class friction material manufacturer and let the friction products with "Chuan Yu" trade market become a famous one worldwide.
Customer Evaluation
  • Perfect noise control with excellent formulas and advanced technology. Excellent formulas, Shims matching, Chamfering with the different shape.
    TRW, Honeywell TRW, Honeywell
  • Good quality of the brake pads and brake. 
    James, Canada James, Canada
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