Chongqing Hongyu Friction Products Co.,Ltd.

2017 Bishan

Inherit the sport spirits Enjoy the interest of furious driving 2017 "West Wind Scenery" cars and motors field off -road championship finished in Bishan Chongqi. Chongqing Hongyu leads you to enjoy the wonderful highlights of the championship, as it being the supporting company of West Wind Scenery all models brake pads and the host. West Wind blows Dumbs beats Hongyu brake pads show prowess! The booming noise of engine makes the audience excited and passionate. Extraordinary climbing slopes, crossing waters and going around bends show the strong power as the Champion rider. Revolving, jumping, soaring. The powerful engines accelerate ontinuously Spurting the furious and the fast West Wind Scenery gave warmly supports to cheer the game by amazing debut of Scenery models. The earth is rocking if "Hongyu" stands, swearing to make "Chuanyu" renowned!

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