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Argentina International Auto Spare Parts And After-Sales Service Exhibition Held In Buenos Aires

Argentina international auto spare parts and after-sales service exhibition held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 9-12 November 2016

Argentina is in the alliance of South American States, a member of the group of 20 and the third largest economy in Latin America. Argentina is one of the developing countries with strong comprehensive national strength in the world. Argentina is also one of the major producers and exporters of food and meat in the world. Argentina has benefited from abundant natural resources, highly educated people, open policy and pluralistic economies, so it has a large middle class compared with other Latin American countries.


In 2002, 159401 cars were produced in Argentina, 533683 in Argentina in 2015, and 224038 in Argentina in 2016 H1. In 2017, the auto industry in Argentina will have a rising trend: the operator predicted that, in 2017, the growth of automobile industry in Argentina was 10%, reaching 800 thousand vehicles, and the truck manufacturers and importers predicted that the truck market would grow by 15%, reaching 27 thousand. In addition, the car market in Brazil is expected to recover and the exports rebound. In order to promote the development of the auto industry, the Arab government signed a production and employment agreement with the auto industry to increase the output of the car from 2023 to 1 million. According to the Argentina media "national daily" reported on April 4th, the data from the automobile dealers Union (ACARA) showed that in March 2017, the sales volume of 0-kilometer vehicles in Argentina was 76745, an increase of 36.4% over the same period last year. The huge growth in March made the cumulative growth of new car sales up to 42.5% in the first quarter of 2017. Various data show that Argentina's auto market has a huge potential market. During the exhibition, the companies also received a portion of the auto parts dealers, learning from them the most authentic actual market demand. After finishing sorting out the information, it becomes the company's data base to develop the Argentina market.

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