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Turkey and Iran Market Survey from March to April in 2017

Turkey and Iran Market Survey from March to April in 2017

Turkey is a country crossing for stretching across Europe and Asia. Its geographic location and geostrategic significance is very important. Turkey is a member of North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Group of 20 and also an original member of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. With a strong industrial base as one of the world's emerging economies, it is also one of the fastest growing countries in the world.

Turkey is one of the 17 countries whose global automobile productivity is more than million. Turkey has become the most important automobile production base in the world because its vehicle productivity is more than 1.5 million a year. The motor vehicle production of Turkey ranks 15th in the world  and it ranks 5th in Europe; its commercial vehicle production ranks 9th in the world and 2nd in Europe. In 2005, automobile sales volume in Turkey is 715212, its automobile sales volume in 2015 is 101119 while its automobile sales volume in 2016 is 450997. Auto industry relevant practitioners are about 500 thousand.

After getting into Turkey to make a market survey, our staffs can make sure that the automobile industry in Turkey is mature. Besides, according to the information, the most various automobile brands that are provided by companies have their own automobile plant in Turkey. Under the macroscopical development circumstance, Turkey will have a large automobile components aftermarket, that is one of the reasons why we made a market survey for Turkey. We believed that we will get more understanding of local market requirements and get more pertinence to Turkish clients after a deeper market survey. So we can recommend the products that meet the need of clients and then create greater values.

Iran is a large country in the world for producing oil and gas, its economy is focus on oil exploitation industry. It lies on the Middle East whose natural gas is richest, oil export is its economic lifeline. Iran is a member of Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries whose oil production capacity and oil export volume respectively ranks 4th and 2nd in the world. Abundant oil resources and low price is one of the main reasons that why Iran has developed fast in automobile industry. At present, there are over 4 million vehicles is running on the road, 85 percent of them has reached or over their end of life, if they are over probable life, the chance of repairing will  improve greatly.

Therefore, we should grab the opportunity to open up the market in Iran deeply. In the process of contacting with local dealers, we found that it is necessary for some vehicles to change their braking system, what's more, most brands of vehicles are brand customers of company and we have long-term cooperative experience with them. We believed that  we will get the nod in Iranian market. All of these results confirmed the faith to enter Iranian market further and bring it safer guarantee of braking system.
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