Chongqing Hongyu Friction Products Co.,Ltd.

Development History

  • 1983 Started to make drum brake
  • 1986 Started to produce brake pads
  • 2005 CTCS was established between TRW and CSG with Hongyu's braking system business
  • 2006 November of this year, Chongqing Hongyu Friction Products CO., LTD was established,  producing and developing automobile friction materials
  • 2009 Became the only OEM partner of Honeywell in Asia Pacific Market
  • 2010 Provided original equipment products for TRW overseas factories
  • 2012 Was identified as national torch plan key high-tech enterprise
  • 2013 Building area of 4000 square meters of friction materials technology center, the center is one of the largest friction materials research and development center in western China, and is accredited by the Chongqing municipal technical center and Chongqing friction materials engineering technology research center
  • TEL:+86-023-45587911
  • FAX:+86-023-45587901
  • ADDRESS:No.110 Jingshan Road, Bicheng Street, Bishan District, Chongqing, China