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Ceramics Brake Pads

It's formulated with outstanding and environmentally friendly raw materials, it has stable performance. It has no moisture effect in the morning and also good for sharp stopping. It decreases the noise to the lowest, it's also comfortable when brake, it greatly surpasses the performance of traditional semi-metallic brake pads. It already passed the SAEJ661 test by Link Test Lab and E9 test in Europe.

Tested to ensure performance that meets or exceeds industry standards, Comprehensive coverage for late model vehicles. Too much copper in the water may damage marine and freshwater organisms such as fish and mollusks.

They are not as aggressive as metallic brake pads, and therefore have a lighter stopping power, and they are not recommended for track driving or for use in heavier vehicles like SUV's and trucks. Especially when used for towing purposes.

The goodness of the initial contact and the high rigidity do not cause the driver to feel any stress during braking and to balance the stability and controllability of the braking force to a high level. Reduce the brake dust and mix new materials to reduce wheel dirt. We chose the most suitable for light vehicles for light vehicles. Ceramic pads meet or exceed all original equipment standards for durability, stopping distance and noise. According to durability tests, ceramic compounds extend brake life compared to most other semi-metallic and organic materials and outlast other premium pad materials by a significant margin - with no sacrifice in noise control, pad life or braking performance.

Ceramics Brake Pads Performance Feature
  • Ceramics sensitive and comfortable brake, 80000-100000 km safety brake, more than 100000km of rotor use life
  • peculiar titanium brake stripes
  • efficient brake without run-in period
  • super wear-resisting good effects of DTV
  • 7583-D710 Ceramics Brake Pads7583-D710 Ceramics Brake PadsMarch 26, 2018DescriptionRef:002 420 96 20Name:Brake Pad SetUnit:SETSpecification:Front AxleBrake System : ATEWidth : 150.1 mmWidth 1 : 151.3 mmHeight : 66.2 mmHeight 1 : 59.8 mmThickness : 19.8 mmMore Info
  • 7608-D739 Ceramics Brake Pads7608-D739 Ceramics Brake PadsMarch 26, 2018DescriptionRef:002 420 51 20Name:Brake Pad SetUnit:SETSpecification:Rear AxleBrake System : ATEWidth : 63.7 mmHeight : 63.2 mmThickness : 15.8 mmMore Info
  • 7628-D760 Ceramics Brake Pads7628-D760 Ceramics Brake PadsMarch 26, 2018DescriptionRef:163 420 03 20Name:Brake Pad SetUnit:SETSpecification:Front AxleWidth : 188 mmHeight : 58.9 mmHeight 1 : 77.2 mmThickness : 16.3 mmThickness 1 : 17.3 mmMore Info
  • 7629-D761 Ceramics Brake Pads7629-D761 Ceramics Brake PadsMarch 26, 2018DescriptionRef:163 420 04 20 Name:Brake Pad SetUnit:SETSpecification:Rear AxleBrake System : Kelsey-HayesWidth : 140 mmHeight : 50 mmThickness : 16.6 mmMore Info
  • 7654-D689 Ceramics Brake Pads7654-D689 Ceramics Brake PadsMarch 26, 2018DescriptionRef:002 420 12 20Name:Brake Pad SetUnit:SETSpecification:Front AxleBrake System : ATEWidth : 99.7 mmHeight : 84.4 mmThickness : 18.8 mmMore Info
  • 7723-D847 Ceramics Brake Pads7723-D847 Ceramics Brake PadsMarch 26, 2018DescriptionRef:003 420 42 20 Name:Brake Pad SetUnit:SETSpecification:Front AxleBrake System : BremboWidth : 119.8 mmHeight : 71.7 mmThickness : 17.7 mmMore Info
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