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Ceramics Brake Shoes

Brake shoes are an integral part of the braking system of a motor vehicle. When a driver steps on the brake, the brake shoe is the mechanical part that he or she is ultimately controlling to bring the car to a stop. The backing of a brake shoe is a metal part, but the area that actually comes in contact with the brake is padded to provide friction to stop the car without damaging the brake itself. Brake shoes are found inside of drum brakes; disc brakes have calipers, which serve the same function in a slightly different way. The ceramic formulation consists of a non-ferrous formulation used on several import and domestic passenger vehicles where cool, clean and quiet operation is absolutely essential.

Hongyu's product is the outcome of assembly, under strict specifications, a new brake shoe and a specially designed lining. Our company carriers with strictest quality control, checking and test procedures. As a result, shoe lining has a perfect contact with drum allowing an ideal braking balance between front and rear axles. Hongyu's ceramics brake shoes also offer comprehensive coverage for pursuit vehicles providing them with excellent performance and noise-free operation.

Ceramic Brake Shoe Features
  • Innovative solutions accruing from advanced quality control systems
  • Stable coefficient friction that provides reliable braking in all weather conditions and temperatures
  • Unique design which reduces noise and increases braking performance
  • Pad surfaces and tread patterns designed to maximize water dissipation
  • Excess material has been stripped away to create the lightest and profile
  • Wider shoe-to-wheel surface protects wheels if or when rigging sags
  • Continuous dynamometer testing to further raise braking standards
  • Scorched to raise initial cold effectiveness and ease bed-in
  • 100% Positive molded
  • 100% non-asbestos formulas

Application of Ceramics Brake Shoes
  • NISSAN, TOYOTA, Isuzu, JMC, Beiqi Foton, Dongfeng etc.
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