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Semi-Metallic Brake Pads

Through over 10 years of experience from the market, our Semi-metallic technology is very mature and wonderful. The good life, no noise, good for sensitivity and it has comfortable braking. Our Semi-metallic is already in the top in the friction materials industry. It already passed the SAEJ661 test by Link Test Lab.

Premium Semi-Metallic Brake Pads are ideal for all domestic and foreign light, medium, and heavy-duty Cars, Trucks, and SUVs, as well as any vehicles that require improved braking performance.

Brake Performance Premium Semi-Metallic Brake Pads are manufactured using the same positive molding process utilized by Original Equipment suppliers. Positive molding uses extreme pressure to compress the friction material and bond it to the backing plate. This process assures consistent friction material density throughout the pad, resulting in even wear and performance characteristics throughout the life of the brake pad. The brake friction features either precision cut or shaved backing plates, as well as mechanically-attached shims; these small details ensure proper fitment in the caliper and virtually eliminate noise associated with pad vibration. In addition, a scorching process has been added to all of the Premium Semi-Metallic brake pads. This additional process forces any impurities out of the friction material and pre-burnishes the pads to greatly accelerate the break-in process.

It does not pollute the wheel, it reduces squeak and it can not abandon its effect. Hongyu worked on development with all the power to such user's voice. It is the birth of an epoch-making brake pad that cannot be held by conventional concepts that have sacrificed braking power when suppressing the occurrence of brake dust which causes unpleasant brake squeal and wheel dirt.

The complete offering of brakes engineered to meet OE specifications for fit, form, and function while providing safe, consistent and reliable stopping performance. Designed to Exacting OEM specifications and tested for balance, ensuring safe operation. Tested to ensure performance that meets or exceeds industry standards.

Semi-Metallic Brake Pads Performance Feature
  • Advanced for friction material, improving the brake performance at the same time good effective for reducing noise, dusty and good brake fade.
  • Especially suitable for bad condition road.
  • Shock-absorbing pads use the special material, no tremble.
  • Use grooves and chamfered structures to reduce resonance and ensure quiet travel.
  • An electronic wear sensor is available at the service site.
  • Designed to OE Standards
  • Multi-Layer Shims
  • Burnishing Strips (Where Available)
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