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Technology Center

Chongqing Hongyu has a strong R & D capabilities, state-level technology center; three technical centers of provincial, including automotive brake system technology center, the friction materials technology center and drive system technology center.

Among them, the friction material technology center is also named the enterprise engineering technology research center in Chongqing. It covers an area of 4000 square meters and equipped with the performance test, physical and chemical analysis lab. Our company has all kinds of Research and development testing equipment more than 80 sets, including USA LINK Noise test dais, CHASE tester, LINK3000 bench experiment machine, Universal length measuring instrument, Moisture Analyze and so on.

The development about semi-metal, less metal, ceramic, copper-free formula are widely used in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, wind power, industrial brake, specialty products and other fields. Our company is the standard-setting unit, which has participate in the revision six GB and row index. At the same time, it has sixteen granted patents, including four invention patents; one outcome which has been identified as national key new products, and five outcomes were rated as excellent key new products in Chongqing.
  • CHASE test machine
    CHASE test machine
  • Compression Ratio (Honeywell)
    Compression Ratio (Honeywell)
  • Erosion process for fantastic
    Erosion process for fantastic
  • Geomitric press for perfect
    Geomitric press for perfect
  • Group test ground in Chongqing Dianjiang
    Group test ground in Chongqing Dianjiang
  • Length measurement machine(Germany)
    Length measurement machine(Germany)
  • LINK Inertia Dyno
    LINK Inertia Dyno
  • Material analysis machine(USA)
    Material analysis machine(USA)
  • Material analysis machine for S&C(Germany)
    Material analysis machine for S&C(Germany)
  • Maxi size measurement machine
    Maxi size measurement machine
  • Moisture content test machine(Japan)
    Moisture content test machine(Japan)
  • Microstructure analysis machine
    Microstructure analysis machine
  • Porosity & Density test machine
    Porosity & Density test machine
  • rofessional inspection for ingredients
    rofessional inspection for ingredients
  • Salt spray test machine
    Salt spray test machine
  • SCHENCK Noise Dyno
    SCHENCK Noise Dyno
  • Shearing force test machine
    Shearing force test machine
  • Test chamber of High&Low temperature
    Test chamber of High&Low temperature
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