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Volkswagen Brake Pads

Volkswagen is a car-maker with its headquartered located in Wolfsburg, Germany, which is also a core unit of Volkswagen Group, one of the world's top four automakers. Volkswagen brands sold 5,636,100 new cars in the global market from January to November this year, with an increase of 4.0% compared than 5,417,900 vehicles in the same period of last year.

Volkswagen Brake Lining is a polymer ternary composite material, which consists of three components--polymer binder (resin and rubber), reinforcing fiber and frictional performance regulators, as well as other components. Through a series of production and processing, the products will be made. According to the different uses, the brake pads can be mainly divided into the disc brake linings, the drum brake linings for medium and heavy vehicles, the drum brake linings for light vehicles and the brake linings for parking. The key indicators are as follows: the friction coefficient and the specified friction coefficient. The composite material used in the brake pads of Volkswagen has the characteristics of the friction coefficient and the reasonable stability of the specified friction coefficient. The two key indicators will not change with the temperature during the braking process, and thermal decay is stable. And its brake pads is highly wear-resistant and has a long service life.

Mechanical strength and physical properties In the friction work process, in addition, to withstand high temperatures, brake pads can also withstand the greater pressure and shear stress. Therefore, the brake pads Volkswagen used has a certain strength in anti-impact, anti-compression, anti-shear. It won't have the thermal expansion and thermal cracking at high temperatures. Inspection of the dual surface during the wear friction should not cause heavy abrasions, scratches, grooves and other excessive wears and tears of the friction surface in the process. Volkswagen's brake pads on the same axle must be replaced at the same time and must be the same type of brake pad, which can maintain a stable and consistent braking force on both sides.
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